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A rock and A Hard Place

I miss you so much.
But I dont want you.
I need you in my life,
But leaving was my only choice.
I need to know how your doing,
But i’ll go insane if I hear your voice
I’m so confused.
My heart says to fight to get you back.
But my gut says let you go.
And all the songs say
Listen to your heart
But all the others say listen to your gut.
And I don’t know.
This loneliness is driving me mad.
All I can think of is the regret for leaving
But I dont want to look back.
I just dont know
“Should stay or should I go.
If I go there will be trouble
If I go there will be double”
I’m caught in a rock and a hard place.
The rock is love
And the hard place,
Is Sanity.


I’m sorry

I miss you so much. I know what I said. I didn’t mean it. I want you more than anything in the world. I over reacted and I don’t want things to end. You make me happier than any other man in the world. I need you in my life. I want you back. I’m so sorry about how mean I was to you. I shouldn’t have said the things I said. I’m sorry about everything. I’m sorry.